Towering Cumulus Clouds

20 08 2009

Towering Clouds

Visit Skywatch Friday for more beautiful pictures



10 responses

20 08 2009

Fantastic clouds!

20 08 2009
J Bar
20 08 2009

The sky looks so nice with those really cool clouds.
Great picture.

20 08 2009
Secret Mom Thoughts

Cool towering clouds.

20 08 2009

You have a wonderful blog filled with fantastic images. This skywatch entry is one of them.

I posted my entry over at

20 08 2009
Joe Todd

Love those clouds.. good luck with the swimming pool

20 08 2009
Connie T.

I love the white huge clouds.

21 08 2009

Great sky. Beautiful.

21 08 2009

What a beautiful “cloudscape”. I can see a face in the highest cloud, among all the litle bubbles. Lovely photographs on your blog.

21 08 2009

Great cloudsetting, love the contrast in this picture!! Well done!

Have a nice SWF

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