Colorful Sunrise

11 06 2009




9 responses

11 06 2009

such spectacular image.

my entry is here:

11 06 2009

Great sunrise… or sunset? I love how the colors change and evolve over time.

11 06 2009

@SRP, actually it is a sunrise. There was a storm front coming through and we had some amazing sunrises for several days.

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

12 06 2009
Guy D

Simply beautiful!

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures

12 06 2009

Superb!!!!! Sky is on fire, i love this picture!!!

Have a nice Skywatch Friday!!

12 06 2009

I love the beautiful hues…Great capture! Have a great weekend…

12 06 2009

What magnifcent colours. Would certainly brighten things up here

12 06 2009
carol pregent

Nice shot…beautiful sky….the colors in it are stunning…looks like fire in the sky…you caught this at the right time…

13 06 2009

Lovely when the sun displays her true colours in the early morning.

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